Dream Home

Dream Home (colorquake)

2018 Sarpol-e Zahab earthquake with magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck western Iran near its border with Iraq at 20:07 local time (19:37 local time in Iraq) on Sunday night, 25 November 2018 injuring over 700 people and sending fearful residents running into the street. One fatality and 45 injuries were also reported in the neighboring Iraq. According to CNN, some houses were destroyed in several rural areas of Qasr-e-Shirin and SarPol-e zahab.

As soon as the quake stopped, several rescue teams were quickly dispatched, the authorities said. We as a artistic team went there to make a moment for the children. This project tried to help them remember their dream and hope. Most of the children lost their family and lived as a homeless, No hope and no life.

The project help them to think and draw their feelings and talk about their memory, Sadness, fears and happiness. Children and us decided together change the Iron sheds to a better place for living. Full of joy and hope. We cover all Iron sheds by color and dreams of children. The last night of the year we had dancing and singing night to celebrate the future full of hope.
after mounts we still receiving their feelings and hopes for shining tomorrow .
Artists: Samira Davarfara, Atefeh Khas
Nature Activist: Mohammad Tajeran
Photo& Movie: Tyam yabandeh

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